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What is a Positive Parenting Approach?

What is positive parenting? Positive parenting is an approach that focuses on the behavior that you want to encourage in your family and home, instead of what you don't want. Research supports that focusing on the desired behavior, and using positive reinforcement instead of negative is more successful!

So, no discipline? No time out? No, this approach does involve limits and consequences when they are broken. However, clear guidelines and consistent consequences are only part of positive parenting. It also involves learning how to give positive attention, how to not fall into parenting traps that are making things harder on you, fostering a healthy bond with your child, and even caring for yourself!

Parents that I coach come away with:

- clear, age appropriate expectations for their children,

- a system for communicating those expectations,

- a new understanding of how to give simple consequences for negative behavior, (even when you're out in public)

- a way to minimize constant supervision and lots of "no's"

- how to handle children who won't stay in time out

- a set of goals for raising healthy, independent children

If you'd like to start using a positive parenting approach and feel more calm, confident and connected to your child, I'd be honored to be on your support team. Set up a free consult call.

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