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Why Coaching

Highly sensitive people make up 15-20% of the population. They take in a higher volume of information and process it more deeply than most around them.  This often leads to feelings of overstimulation and shutdown.  I work with HSP parents to help them make mindset and lifestyle changes that allow them to address overstimulation and leverage their unique strengths to achieve their parenting and personal goals.   


Now Enrolling for: Not Alone

A Virtual Support Group For Moms During COVID19

Isolated, Exhausted, At the End of Your Rope.

COVID19 has taken away most of the support systems that moms have painstakingly constructed. Daycare, babysitters, school, camps, grandparents, neighbors, casual park meet-ups, even chatting in the grocery store line, gone! A recent study showed that anxiety and depression rates have almost doubled in mothers since COVID19 began, due in part to the double whammy of increased stress and decreased support.

Enjoy Real Connection Again

Join other moms for a (virtual) group that will provide connection, encouragement, and tools for coping with stress.  Led by (me, Jenny) a coach and mental health therapist that specializes in working with moms across the lifespan.  If interested you will be paired with a different woman each week for daily text/gif check ins. 

Common Topics To Be Discussed:

Managing Symptoms of Stress. Working From Home. Reducing Yelling. Handling Overload. Unrealistic Expectations from Ourselves and Others. Bedtime/Sleep Struggles. Boundary Setting with Family. Living with the Unknown. Anxiety. Depression. Role confusion. Healthy Partner Communication.

Tailored To Work For (not Against) Moms.

This group has been created to meet the unique needs of moms.  We will meet 1x per week for 30 minutes with an optional additional 30 minutes for chatting/visiting after the support group is over for the morning.  Children are welcome and expected (we keep microphones muted unless you are talking) to cut down on background noise.  If you are ready to join a group of moms and move forward into the next weeks and months with encouragement and support, reach out!  Cost is by donation- with a minimum suggested donation of $5.  Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30 am EST.  If you'd like to find out more, or reserve your spot in the group, let me know by using the form below. Warmly, Jenny. 



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